Moverio BT-300

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Enjoy the glasses and share what you're doing with #Moverio.  Visit for technical information, news and events, developer registration, access to the Moverio app marketplace, and more!


There are two editions of the Moverio     BT-300. The Developer Edition that you are able to order today. The FPV Drone Edition will be released in mid-late January 2017. When you submit a order through Prelaunch, our system will verify your card, shipping and billing address. Please note the price for this product is $779 USD for the Developer Edition and $799 USD for the FPV Drone Edition or less (sales tax and shipping is not included in this price)*. 

We offer Free Shipping for anyone within the US. We will ship the Developer Edition with in 10 business days of the order. When the FPV Drone Edition is ready to ship we will contact you letting you know it is on the way. When orders are shipped we will provide tracking numbers.

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Looking for Moverio BT-300 Specs?  Click HERE to visit the Epson Moverio product page.

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US and Canada orders only.  Ships in 5-8 business days from date of order.

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*The retail price for the Epson Moverio BT-300 Smart Glasses of $799 USD is not finalized and subject to change. Prelaunch will only charge a lower amount for pre-order customers, if authorized by Epson. Pre-order customers will not be charged a price that exceeds $799.

**Placing a pre-order constitutes your agreement to Prelaunch charging your provided payment method for the total product price plus sales tax and shipping fees upon product availability. Product price will not exceed $799 USD. The Moverio BT-300 is expected to ship late 2016, subject to reasonable delays in manufacturing and/or delivery. Such date is only an estimate and subject to change. Orders may be placed for United States shipping and billing address only. Please email if you are interested in ordering the product but reside in Canada or Latin America.

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